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Executive Coaching

Personal strategic coaching, We can help you identify and maximize your unique capabilities.

Career Consulting

Let us help you manage and redefine your career... Attain a balance between career and personal life goals.

Career Success

Keys to not only surviving the loss of a job, but to prevail in the job market and land a new career opportunity as fast as possible.

Dolphin Striker

The Dolphin Striker

provides support

for the mast load.

The what, why, who, when and where of Networking:

An essential aspect of your Job Search Strategy

By: John Wilson, Director, Career Management DSG Associates

You have decided to execute your job search strategy in pursuit of that ideal position that has eluded you thus far in your career.


Creating customized solutions to assist you in achieving the specific objectives and goals of your organization.

Our continued commitment to personalized services and customized programs is backed by a proven record of success.

If you are considering career coaching, you are probably one of a growing number of people dissatisfied with their work situation and you are searching for ways to improve it. It may be that you are unhappy with your current career and you are looking to break out; it could be that you’re facing an uncertain career future; or you might be returning to work after a break and want to take advantage of a fresh start.

Whatever your situation, career coaching is about understanding yourself better, exploring all of your options, and creating a realistic goal: what you really want your career to provide for you and how you are going to make it happen.


Evolve your thinking and approach...

  • Manage and redefine your career.
  • Attain balance between career and personal life goals.
  • Move forward to realize growth opportunities.
  • Experience truly positive change.
  • Enhance your full life potential.


  • Discuss and clarify key elements based on personal core values.
  • Apply your unique talents and interests in a meaningful way.
  • Execute objectives according to your values and professional vision.
  • Progress your professional development.


Are you...

  • Looking for advancement in business, non-profit, education or another field?
  • Ready to reinvent yourself?
  • Considering starting your own business?
  • Thinking seriously about a non-traditional career path?

Dolphin Striker Services


Professional Observations
Thank you David for your professional observations. You helped me a great deal to hone my skills and increase my confidence.
Mid-level Manager


If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  info@dolphinstriker.ca

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